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Campsite Update Cypress Head, San Juan Islands - 2/13 for Trip #42

Here's a mid winter campsite update for Cypress Head on Cypress Island.

"My crew and I were out there from the January 10th- 17th, reconstructing the 7 campsites located on the tide island above the tombolo.  So far, we have constructed several hundred feet of split-rail fence along the eroding bluff on the site's north and northeast sides, and constructed 7 brand new tent pads at most of the former "unofficial" camping spaces.  The tent pads are 10'x10', and will fit any large family tent, and possibly two 2 person tents.  Obviously, our hopes are that campers will use only these camping spaces when on the upper campground.  The two sites on the tombolo's west side remain unchanged, besides being slated for new fire rings.  All sites will be receiving new fire rings, and improvements to the picnic tables will also occur before the May opening.  A new access trail to the tide island's south side will also be constructed before then, as the old trail takes hikers along parts of the eroding bluff.  Several of the social trails around the campground were also decommissioned upon our visit, and a number of hazard trees were removed in the process.  As to our code of ethics and general awareness, several bags of trash (mostly plastics) were removed from the beach."  

Submitted 2/13 to the WWTA by:
Kristian Tollefson
WCC Crew Supervisor; Skagit DNR

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