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Paddling Hope and Skagit Islands on Saratoga Passage / Puget Sound - Trip #27

Ala Spit WWTA Campsite View South
Only 1.5 hours north of Seattle, Hope (North) and Skagit Islands provide easy paddling access and the feeling of being much further away.  Both of the undeveloped islands are small, uncrowded, and have multiple access points from 6 different launches.  The Cascadia Marine Trail has a cozy campsite on Skagit's northeast side overlooking tiny Kiket Island.  During strong tidal exchanges a small tidal rapid rips between both islands which at night can be a pleasant sound. The site is on top of a ancient shell midden, one of few still left in the region.  Note: There are two Hope Islands on Puget Sound - Hope Island (south) is near Olympia, Trip #5.

Looking north from Ala Spit to Hope Island.
Currents also rush in between Hope Island and Ala Spit on Whidbey Island.  Friends have experienced waves there from the wind opposing the swift current.  Time your travel with the currents, and you can have a fun ride through each of these rapids.

- Deception Pass State Park - Bowman Bay.
Deception Pass State Park - Cornet Bay.
- Ala Spit, NE Whidbey Island. (Cascadia Marine Trail campsite)
- Snee-oosh Beach (west of La Connor).
- La Connor.
- Blake's Skagit Resort and Marina (Rawlins Road south of La Connor).

Packing on Skagit Is looking East to Kliket Island.
You'll experience the most current approaching from Deception Pass or Cornet Bay.  Time the currents for the flood and flow through the Pass or east of Cornet for a free ride nearly to the islands.  Ala Spit is the easiest access to Hope, with only a few hundred yard crossing to the island.  There's a Cascadia Marine Trail campsite (pictured) on Ala Spit.

Tide & Current Info: 
Current Chart
Tide Chart

Get more info from the Washington Water Trails Association's Cascadia Marine Water Trail.

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