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The Ikkatsu Project - Tracking Japanese Tsunami Debris in WA

The Ikkatsu Project is a group of Pacific NW scientists, paddling guides, and others who are tracking the Japanese tsunami debris along the Wasington coast. Read More HERE.

Recent post from Ken Campbell on Canoe Kayak Magazine online..
"This is an Exxon Valdez experience, just without the photos of oil-soaked otters and hay bales on the beach. The main mass is supposed to arrive in October, and all indications are it’s going to be huge. And, if you add “huge” to what we’ve already got onshore, the result is going to be nuclear. I don’t think I’m overstating this and I’m not making any money by being dramatic. It’s just true."

Follow Tacoma resident and paddle guide Ken Campbell's blog, the Last Wilderness, for photo and video updates of the project.

Seattle Times story on the Ikkatsu Project, 6/20/12:

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