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Stand Up Paddler between Fox Island and the Kitsap Pensinsula Trip #7

There's several ways to get to Kopachuck State Park and it's wonderful Cascadia Marine Trail campsite.  In this image, a stand up paddler is headed east towards the Tacoma Narrows on Hale Passage (Hale's Beer named after that?).  The bridge connects Kitsap Peninsula to Towhead Island and Fox Island.  There's a great launch on Towhead just before you reach Fox Island, also a boat ramp.

Currents can get going on Hale Passage, learn to use them to your advantage.  In this case you'd want a flood to push ya a bit west towards Green Point and north Kopachuck State Park.  If you know the paddler in the photo give me a holler, I'd like to send her a print. 

View from Fox Island

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