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8 Tips for 2017 Paddle Trip Planning

Tis the season to recycle the 2016 tide and current charts and bring on the New Year of explorations and possibilities!  I've been working for over a week planning out my 2017 classes and tours which is quite a project with surf camps on the coast, surfing classes on the Strait of Juan de Fuca, tidal rapids classes in Deception Pass and freighter wave classes in Seattle, plus a few tours on the Strait and elsewhere.  My dyslexia pops up occasionally when I find non matching data between my website, Google Calendar and social media marketing. And it's always tricky when like region tide tables don't match - even being 1-2 hours off from another guide.  This is common on the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

These are the guides I use..
Pre-season prep for

Captn' Jacks Tide and Current Almanac - Spiral bound guide perfect for figuring out current and tides for Deception Pass and coastal regions. I find it easier to use the book than using online option. I have two of the books, one in the office and one in the car.

Evergreen Pacific 2017 Seattle and Port Townsend Tide Graph Calendars - This one goes on the wall as my main print calendar. As friends know,  my daily schedule is based around tides which are beneficial to my favorite types of paddling, freighter wave surfing and downwinding in Seattle.


Mobile Graphics has a nice online site for tidal current predictions.

NOAA Tide Table Mobile App - Easy to read tides on my phone.

WindAlert - to check real time wind speed (and forecasts). I use the free version, kite surfer buddies have the paid version for more detail in kite surf spots.

Surfwater - PNW based surf app for local wind, surf (size, period and direction) and tide real time data and prediction (free).

NOAA West Point Lighthouse Station - My backyard per se - I use daily for air pressure, wind speed and direction, air temp (14F wind chill today), water temp. The Marine Forecast (clickable at top) is 95% correct for surf and inland waterway predictions.  Marine Forecast  Search your local spot.

In Person Water Check..
If the above doesn't work for you then use a in-person check of your beach. That's always my tool for final confirmation on whether to run a class or not, or whether to go - is it flat or too big?

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