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Paddling Indian Island's Causeway by Marrostone Island - Trip 43

Looking north from causeway.
In the first two editions of this book, Trip #43 listed a causeway located under the roadway of the isthmus separating Indian and Marrowstone Island.  It was suggested that with enough water you could get a tidal push through the causeway to each side.

We researched the causeway last summer and found that due to years of barnacle build-up in the pipes, there is no way any paddler could make it through without scraping or bumping their heads while in a prone position.  In other words, I wouldn't recommend trying - sketchy!

Portaging over the causeway is the best bet.  Time the tides so they're high, otherwise you'll have 200-300 yards of sludging through thick mud on both sides.  While going over, watch for traffic, local residents drive through this stretch quickly to shorten their commutes from the mainland.

Looking from north to south.

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