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High Winter Daytime Tides of 2017

Tis the season for big daytime high tides and a few King Tides, the highest tides of the year on Puget Sound.  The image below was from November 2016, about a 12.5' high tide.  King Tides usually go to or above 13' heights creating problems for low bank housing, docks and marinas.  Seattle area tides have a smaller range than those of the South Puget Sound. Whereas the Strait of Juan de Fuca and outer coast have ever smaller ranges than Seattle.  

Notable daytime high tides in 2017..
1/2-4 - 12.5'
1/13-15 - 12.9'

In contrast, in Spring and Summer leading up to and just after summer solstice we'll get into big tidal exchanges going from a -3.6 on 6/25 at noon to a 12.4' high that same day at 7:49pm. Pretty cool and fun to watch the change. Get out there and explore the low tide beaches and note how every ridge or depression effect incoming tidal flow and/or waves.  

Follow tides using the resources listed on the following post from earlier this week.  Click here to view

12.5 high tide in Seattle, Nov 2016

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